Drone pilots wanted

drone pilots wanted

No Experience Required

Hello, my name is Pablo Terreros and I am the President of Prestige Aerial Services. Our company is expanding right now and we have an immediate opening for a Drone Pilot.


This is an incredibly exciting time for our company. First of all, Prestige Aerial Services is a certified member of the Sky Eye Network, which is the largest network of Professional Drone Operators in the world. And our industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and is one of the fastest growing industries in the history of the world!


Getting in on the drone industry right now is like getting in on the auto industry right after Henry Ford built the Model T or like getting involved in the internet in the 90s. How would you like to go back and get involved with Amazon, or Facebook, or Google, right when they were brand new companies?


Well, that’s what’s going on in our industry and with our company. Our vision is to build a Drone Empire to service the needs of our customers in multiple industries long term, and the opportunity is perfect RIGHT NOW for Drone Pilots to get involved in this industry, or be left in the dust. Those who wait too long will regret it in a few short years. We hope that isn’t you.


If you are a drone pilot and you have an FAA 107 license or are willing to get one, we have an immediate opening for you. But before you apply, please note, that we don’t accept applications from whiners, losers, complainers, or irresponsible people. We only work with cool people who work hard, who can represent our company professionally, can follow directions, work without oversight, and who are excited about being a part of THE NEXT BIG THING—the drone industry.


If that is you, please follow the instructions below to learn the details about this position and then submit your application if you feel its a good fit.


 Take care!

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