Real Estate Aerial Photography Stand Out

Selling a home in Sebring, Lake Placid, or Avon Park? No doubt you want to sell it fast and for as much money as possible. A small investment in your presentation can have a huge effect in the end sales price. As an opposite example, let me tell you about the WRONG way to do it.

A few days ago, I was looking through the real estate ads. I came across one that was FSBO with no picture. Very little detail. It didn't even state what community it was in to give the possible buyer an idea of what it might be. I even took the step of calling the number listed. No answer and no voicemail. What?

They say a picture's worth a 1000 words, and that cannot be any truer than in real estate. In the above example, a small investment in adding a photo to the ad would most likely result in a significant increase in response. But simply snapping a photo of your home is not necessarily good enough. How do you make it stand out from all the other photos? Best bet, aerial photography.

When searching for homes, the standard cell phone photo from ground level often looks like every other one out there. Yes, it's good to have the photo, but you really don't stand out. However, show that home from the sky (not too high), and you get a view that can be totally beautiful AND will makes yours different from the rest. You'll stand out! Take a look at the example below.